Monday, April 23, 2007

If YOU follow this simple plan.........

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" It's a brilliant idea from the creator of it,Jeff Mulligan.The mall "only" offers a selection of the "TOP" selling,most popular products on the Clickbank network.These are the products that convert Clickbank browsers into "buyers," it's that simple.They are only available in one place,and it comes with it's very own "SEARCH ENGINE." This program is so good,it's also accepted by the BBB!! Instead of signing up individually for each affiliate product you wish to join,you can promote them all at once,making it a huge time saver.

Even if a product itself is good,it doesn't matter unless the website selling the products is also good.It just makes real good sense.That is the great advantage CBmall has to offer,everything is completely automated,to sell the products. You don't even need a website,or HTML experience.Clickbank handles the credit card processing and sends you a check every two weeks,just like a well oiled machine.If you have questions,there is a real live person who answers your e-mails quickly,they are very professional,I've mailed them myself a few times,and was always impressed by thier friendly quick responce. All you need to do with your CBmall is drive some traffic to it,and the mall does the rest.The great part is,once people are in your mall shopping,they often come back to buy another!

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